World Union of Saint Bernard Clubs (WUSB)

The "World Union of Saint Bernard Clubs" is an international organization and is formed on September, 23 1967 in Luzern (Swizerland) by independent Saint Bernard Clubs for an indefinite time. The WUSB can operate in international contact under the following names:

The target of the WUSB is:
The aim of the WUSB is to unite all Saint Bernard friends under an universal recognized interpretation of the Standard, to strive together for the purity of the Breed and to nurse and improve the friendship of the Saint Bernard fanciers.

Member of the WUSB can be, any Saint Bernard Specialty Club recognized by their countries umbrella (cupola) organization. The umbrella organization must have been recognized by the FCI. Normally only one club per country will be admitted.

  • Wusb-winner 2004: "Kertesi-Bársony Xéna". Breeder: Gaspar Tibor.

  •  Owner: Petra Focko, Slowakye.


  • Wusb-winner 2003: "Xanta v. Liebegg". Breeder: Chr. Wiederkehr-Widmer.

  • Owner: Reto Wiederkehr, Switzerland

  • WUSB-Winner 2002: " Kertesi-Barsony Freddie"

  • Owner: Gaspar Tibor.

  • Wusb-Winner 2001: " Ch. Uzila vom Fugerhof"

  • Owner: Brigitte Linser.

  • Wusb-Winner 2000: " Ch. Aramis"

  • Owner: Dr. Meotti Edmondo.











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