De Spiegel van de Sint Bernard 


The Mirror of the Saint Bernard



Breed monograph

"De Spiegel van de Sint Bernard", a recently published book, can best be described as a breed monograph. The author; being one of those rare dog fanciers, who is not only breeder, judge and committee member, but also collector of everything concerning his breed, has taken the trouble to bring order in his collection and to pass on his knowledge. This was his aim: to collect experience and knowledge and to pass it on to those who come after him. Thus, Jan van de Belt follows in the footsteps of the man he admires so much: Albert de la Rie ("Siegfried-kennels"), who was well known, nationally and internationally, as a breeder, judge and specialist of the breed.

For beginners, experienced breeders and judges in training

When writing the book the author must have had a clear picture in his mind of his target group, being the people who plan to buy a Saint Bernard, the beginning breeder who needs information, the experienced breeder for whom the book is a reference work en the judge in training who needs to gather information. In this the author has succeeded wonderfully well, mainly because of his logical classification of the subjects and the correct measurement of his information. Sufficient attention has been given to the history and the development of the breed, in the Netherlands as well as in other countries. Being a judge, the author naturally pays attention to the different types and the interpretation of the breed standard. The history of the breed has been recorded, as well as that of the World Union of Saint bernard Clubs and there is a list of Dutch kennels and their best known dogs. "Saint Bernards-world-wide" brings the reader to nearly all the countries where Saint Bernards are present.

Those who plan to buy a Saint Bernard will appreciate the chapters on buying a puppy, grooming, feeding and the care for the older dog. In the annexes we find a survey of imported dogs, the champions since 1972, the numbers of litters in the past decades and information on HD results. Containing over 100 black and white and color photos, this book really is a must for every owner and lover of the breed. A small item of criticism: a register would have been a welcome addition, but otherwise every breed would wish to have such a publication.The book is written in the Dutch language and contains 232 pages with over 100 photos, bound.

Published by Circum Publishing, Deurne, the Netherlands. ISBN 9077002065

Ria Hörter

The price of this book is 47,=  (including forwarding charges).



Collected Items

2e edition

This book, written in the English language, is a collection of (Saint Bernard) articles written by breeders, judges, fanciers a.s.o., worldwide.

Containing over 65 black and white and color photos and a lot of drawings.

The price of this book is 20,= (including forwarding charges).



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