Historical photo's

Old schoolposter, 1932


Albert de la Rie

                           Albert de la Rie           1898-1974

One of the greatest Saint Bernard judges worldwide


Amsterdam, 1973

Albert de la Rie together with:

  • Eduard Gutknecht, Swiss judge,  with Ch. Dorli
  • Tinus Zwerts with Ch. Eros v.d. Majoshof.  Tinus was  a wellknown Dutch Judge.

Amerika , juni 1972

Albert de la Rie and the, at that time,  wellknown American breeder Bea Knight with "Ch. Sanctuary Woods Kleona".


Albert de la Rie founded, together with some other Saint Bernard fanciers,  the "Hollandsche Sint Bernard Club" in 1926.   In 1967, he was one of the founders of the "Wereld Unie van Sint Bernard Clubs". He was known and enjoyed an enormous reputation as a fancier, judge and promoter of the breed all  over the world. His book "The Saint Bernard Classic" is the bible for many breeders. Albert de la Rie lived for a long time in Switzerland.

Ray Horlings

                    Ray Horlings about 1935


Wusb-show Germany, 1994. Ray together with his Minnie.


The Gentleman.


Ray presents "Siegfried's Hans Brinker"as the Best Puppy. About 1970.

Ray was a wellknown Sweepstakes-judge.


In 1959, Ray en Minnie moved  from  Stadskanaal (Holland) to America. Now, they live in a pretty senior community home in a lovely park in Laguna Woods,  California.            

Ray is still a Saint Bernard fancier. Now (2007), Ray is the president of the "Saint Bernard Club of San Diego" and Minnie Showsecretary. Ray is also an honorary member of the "Wereldunie van Sint Bernard Clubs" and the "Saint Bernard Club of America".




"Alex van de Oldehove".  Breeder: P. van Tuinen, Leeuwarden.          

Owner: H.J. Doeve, Amsterdam.


Clubshow about 1960.

Conformation in the fifties.


Judges examination?


1925. The board of the Dutch Kennelclub..

1925. The kennelclub-office.


The "Hollandsche Sint Bernard Club" was founded  on february 14, 1926 by the gentlemen: de la Rie, Duiker, de Roemer, Steensma en Doeve. Ten years earlier some other Saint  fanciers founded the "Nederlandse Sint Bernard Club".  It lasted for a short time.

In 2006, the club celebrated her 80-year existence with a monumental WUSB-Show, with entries from all over Europe and visitors  from all over the  world.


The legendary Barry (1800-1814). He was the rescuer of more than 40 victims.


Mrs.  Kazer with, 1954 Champion "Tyras v. Haniathaus".

Champion '62 '63 '64 "Donar v. Linksmader". Son of Tyras.


Dogs from the Hospice with their companion Paul Vuyet.


Pope Benedictus.








The Hospice.


1980. Madam Gloor with her puppies.

1928. "Jung Athos v. Biel".


Henry Schumacher (1831-1903)


Anita v. Reitnau 86323


The "Schweizerischen St. Bernhards Club" was founded in 1884. Switzerland is, of course, the cradle of the Saint Bernards. For a long time, breeders of Switzerland were dominant in the breeding .

The club will celebrate her 125-year existance in 2009 with a  5 or 6 days WUSB-festival.  This will of course include a special WUSB show.

Switzerland  knows a lot of  famous breeders in the past:

·         De Hospiz                                                                        " Hospice "                                

·         Dr. Th. Kunzli (? - 1904)                                                Geen kennelnaam bekend.

·         Carl Steiner                                                                    " Rigi "

·         F. Mannuss                                                                      " Gutsch "                                                                             

·         S. Steinegger                                                                  " v. Uto "

·         E. Rodel                                                                            " Sauliamt "

·         and others.                                            




Rigi von Dessau. 1902

Owner: F. Steinweg





Rhona v. Wasserburg a. Inn. 1902

Owner: F. X. Huber





Barry von Jungglockner. 1902

Owner: H. Ernst






Sieger Mausche Bär von Cannstaat 1902                                                     

Owner: F. Jaehne. 



Faust von der Käfernburg. 1928

Owner: D. Grünau




Sieger Mausche Bär von Cannstatt, 1902


1927.  Figaro v. Rigi

Breeder: C. Steiner. Owner: Frau Hübner


1928. Sieger Xenos v. Taubertal

Breeder/Owner: Hans Meyer


1928. Varus vom Grossglockner

Breeder: H. Glockner. Owner: W. Gartner

The "St. Bernhards-Klub e.V." was founded in 1891. The club celebrated her 115-year existence with a good show in 2006. Unfortunately there was a lot of rain during the show.

The German history knows a lot of very good breeders in the past:                                                                                    

·         Prinz Albrecht zu Solms-Braunfels (1841-1901                                                             von der Wolfsmühle

·         Ludwig Karsten (1873-1956)                                                                                               von Norden

·         Hans Glockner (1882-1950)                                                                                                 vom Grossglockner

·         Alois Schmid (1896-1988)                                                                                                    von Bismarck turm

·         and others



Carmen Kennels 

Found 1899 by T.E.L. Kemp

T.E.L. Kemp - 1906.

The first Sint Bernard in 1898.


Agnes Kemp - 1908.

Spouse of T.E.L.

Athur Kemp, son of T.E.L. and Agnes.



Ch. Carmen's Pathfinder 1997. 

Rita Kemp-Holmes - 1966. Daughter of   T.E.L. and Agnes

Rita Kemp-Holmes as child.


Owner of  "Ch. Carmen's Pathfinder" is: Janice Holmes Myers, Bridgewater,  Massachusetts, USA.  Janice is a daughter of  Rita Kemp-Holmes,       

The Carmen Kennels (in my opinion) are the oldest Saint Bernardkennel in the world.


Rasko van de Reppisch

                 Champion 1931-1932 "Rasko von der Reppisch" - Born in 1927   

The wellknown American breeder Paul Forbriger, Waldeck Kennels, imported Rasko from Switzerland.  In 1935, Rasko was BOB at the "National Specialty Show". 

For many breeders , judges en fanciers Rasko is the ideal type.

Anna Henshaw Whitney

                                                                                      Anna Henshaw - Whitney, 1844-1922

Anna Henshaw was the first female judge in America. She was a school-teacher. She also paid a lot of attention for being well dressed in the ring.  Nowadays American-handlers are showing their dogs in a very nice suit or dress. She, Anna,  gave a good example to follow.


The "Saint Bernard Club of America" was founded in 1884. During the 100 years existence a lot of Dutch Saint Bernardfanciers visited the celebration. It was a big festval.

The "Saint Bernard Club of America" is the motherclub of many smaller local-clubs.

Wellknown names of breeders in the past are:

·         Beatrice Knight (1908-1997)                                                                        Sanctuary Woods

·         Paul Foprbriger                                                                                                of Waldeck Kennels

·         T.E.L. Kemp en nakomelingen                                                                       Carmen Kennels

·         Lou Mallen                                                                                                          v. Mallen

·         and others


Dr. Antonio Morsiani



The Italian Dr Antonio Morsiani was owner of the wellknown kennel "Del Soccorso". He, and his wife, have bred a lot of good Saint Bernards. Dr. Morsiani was an International judge for several breeds.  His son, Giovanni,  is continuing the "Del Soccorso"kennel.

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