Barry International  

"Barry International" is the information magazine for all Saint Bernard Clubs who are members of the World Union of Saint Bernard Clubs (WUSB).


At the meeting of the WUSB, in August 2nd, 1997, it was decided to publish the magazine in color twice a year for a minimum period of 5 years.


It was decided to print 2.000 copies each time, of which 100 will be mailed to each club of the WUSB, for distributing to it's active members.


Each club will get these 100 copies without costs, with exception of the forwarding expenses. All clubs, who are interested should write to  Mrs.Kari Augestad. Please inform Mrs. Augestad directlly. If a club would like to get more than these 100 copies you should tell it also directly to Mrs Augestad.




All material for be publising, please send it to the editor:

Jan van de Belt





For information about advertising-ads etc, please contact:

Kari Augestad






                         1998-1                                                1998-2                                                            2000-1




                     2000-2                                                    2001-1                                                            2001-2




                     2002-1                                                    2002-2                                                        2003-1




                     2003-2                                                            2004-1


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